Living The Sweet Life

All I could think of the moment I put in notice at my old job was getting some time off without work nagging in the back of my mind. I was obsessed with a week at home with the pup and the BTB.

I had a whole list of things I was going to do…

*Watch a few movies

*Catch a few college basketball games

*Spend some QT with the BTB and the puppy

*Catch up with a few people

Now, the week has come and, for the most part, gone. I’ve managed to get in a half a basketball game, watch *A* movie and have found a new job. I’ve managed to spent lots of time playing with and training the pup (on a side note, you should see our little girl ring a bell to tell us when she has to pee. I’m a proud papa indeed.).

I’ve also spent time filling requests for my lovely bride-to-be. I’ve grocery shopped, painted a closet and “gotten organized.”

Transitioning from the life of a bachelor to the life of a (more or less) married man isn’t going to be easy. Where did this week go???


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