My Offbeat Wedding

There are so many wedding traditions that just don’t ring true for me. Here are some traditional things that you probably won’t be seeing on my big day.
1. garter toss (I don’t want or need to wear a garter)
2. bouquet toss (eh, doesn’t do much for me)
3. unity candle (we’re not completely decided on this one… but you probably won’t see one at my ceremony)
4. someone singing a song during the ceremony — the GTB has a cousin with a FANTASTIC voice, but we want a short-and-sweet ceremony… so a song may or may not happen
5. wedding march — I don’t need that song
5. receiving line — I like the idea of a champagne toast, but the rl? I’m not sold
6. many bridesmaids — 1 will suffice
7. DJ — we want an acoustic band — lots of Neil Diamond, Simon And Garfunkel, Jack Johnson, etc. Maybe my dad could even pick up his bass and play a few songs
8. $2,000+ worth of flowers — I plan to eek in under $500
9. traditional veil — I may wear a Russian netting blusher that lands above my lips. I will not be wearing a traditional LONG veil, or even one that reaches my shoulders
10. ceremony in a church — we’re planning a 10 minute ceremony, It doesn’t make sense to us to make everyone park there, file in, grab a seat, watch us, file out, drive across town, etc. etc. We’re doing it all in 1 place

If I can’t keeep my mouth shut, I can expect feedback… and I know some of it’ll be negative. Oh well.


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  1. Amber
    Apr 01, 2009 @ 02:39:56

    For the record, I found your site while mid-bolero search a month or so ago, and have loved it since! I’m completely in love with the Clara French cake stands thanks to your recommendation! Thanks – hoping I can get one ordered soon and am in love!

    But after reading (catching up on past posts late one night after the usual wedding hours of online searching) this particular blog, I’ve decided we should be wedding BF’s. I’m planning what sounds like a very similar event for the end of July. Hooray for the non-traditional! Love it! I must admit my plan to have one bridesmaid and let her pick whatever she wanted to wear was foiled by the GTB’s desire for three of his pals…but no toss of any wedding items (seriously?!), no cake smearing, no canned music, fresh organic local flowers….except perhaps for those illusive peonies for my bouquet….just a simple little event…right? Anyway, just wanted to say that I hope no do gives you flack about any of the plans – they sound fantastic! Congrats!


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