I Suck, I Know

I have been really terrible at posting these last few days.

Part of me thinks that I’ve hit a point where I shouldn’t continue to plan for a wedding when I’m not even wearing a ring. Part of it is the whole post-move, new puppy, new car week I’ve been having.

At any rate, expect to see more posts in the near future. The GTB may even blog this week!

Want to know what we did?

Monday — fought with my sister who cancelled our dinner plans because “I don’t want you to make me drink.” Oh yes, and I was to buy the meal, in celebration of her 21st birthday.
Tuesday — moped about the house because I had nothing to do. I tried to do laundry, but the dryer clearly isn’t doing its job. And it started squeaking. Great, I move in and stuff starts to fall apart!
Wednesday — Happy hour! Then Stella and I went for 4 walks. And she woke me at 2:30, then again around 5:30. sigh
Thursday — I enjoyed a delicious Valentine’s day dinner of pizza. And picked up the GTB from the airport around 10.
Friday — picked up my new car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then met up with Nick and his pals for his birthday party at Chambers. I *may* have drank too much wine.
Saturday — puppy woke us at 6:50 (its a Saturday — jesh!) We took her to the groomer, went to Ikea, picked up the pup, had an appointment for laser hair removal (hello — expensive, but is it worth it?!) went to Daja’s for Alexis’ birthday, GTB put together a bed and end table. He’s currently talking about how masculine and strong he is as he uses a power tool to put together the end table.

It feels as though we pack 5 days into each Saturday. I’m already exhausted and its not even 6!

Only 5 more “sleeps” until the GTB is home for good!


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