The Truck Is A-Rolling

moving.jpgAs a couple, the GTB and I have “on the move” stamped all over us.

He is changing jobs! Woo hoo! Moving out of his California apartment and actually starting to spend more than a few nights a week in the fine state of Minnesota.

I have been packing, and organizing, and throwing out (hello 4 box/9 grocery bag/4 trash bag load to Goodwill). I’ve managed to get rid of about 1/3 of my wardrobe and 6 pair of shoes — no small feat for me! I really deserve a metal for that.

The GTB has also been purging his “keeper” lifestyle. He had 5 bags of trash that he hauled out of his basement. To be fair — much of that was broken down boxes, and some paper from his college years.

This Saturday is my moving day, that awesome, horrifying, fantastic experience that I’ll get to share with two strong men from Local Motion (which, by the way, is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY less expensive than 2 Men and Truck).

Good bye Saint Louis Park, hello South Minneapolis!


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