Oh Joyous Day

I never thought today would be a joyful day…

I have my own letterpress (had I mentioned that?). Its about 110 years old but in pretty darned good condition.

I haven’t been able to use it because it was missing some major parts like the ink rollers (and a core for one) and the chase which is the frame-thing that the text fits into (is locked into) when you print.

Anyway — I had never given my press a serious once over, just made assumptions and went about finding a way to fix them. So, this morning, I went to measure the printing plate and whatnot and discovered a little tab. This tab actually held my chase in place! I feel so foolish — but all I need now is a core for a roller and 2 rollers and I’ll be workin’ it!

Perhaps its sad that I’m psyched about “fixing” my press, but… I’m thrilled!


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