Hello, Stella!

The wait is finally over.  Our family has finally started.  Stella has arrived.

I knew I was excited about the puppy.  I mean, this little princess is cute as a button.  Sure, when I put her down on the floor at my future in-laws’ house I realized just how cute she was.  There might not be anything funnier than watching a 3 pound puppy running across a lenolium floor.

When she fell asleep in my arms, though, well, that was that.  I was in love all over again.

It was there and then that I realized how much I’m going to spoil this pup.  I’m going to buy her stuff she’ll never use and get her sick on treats.  I’m going to take her for walks and let her ride on my lap in the car. 

She can lick my face and play on the couch all she wants.  She can pee on the floor and I’ll just shrug it off.

If loving a dog like this is wrong, well, I don’t want to be right.


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