Why Should He Care?

Thinking of doing the invitations myself, I ordered some samples from Crane’s Letra letterpress line of papers.

I brought the little folder to the GTB and asked him how he felt about the 220# paper (which I adore). He was like “good, nice.”

Then he dug deeper into the folder and found the big boy — double paned 600# — it was like friggen carboard. “I want this,” he says.

Hmmm… so I ended up spending some time explaining to him (his eyes glazed over) why the nature of the press I use doesn’t allow me to use the super-heavy cardboard-like paper.

When I finished my speech, he was like, “Hmmm, I guess the invitations are one part of the planning that I can honestly say I don’t want to have input on, its all yours.”

So… I could do hot pink and purple invitations with kittens! LOL

Smart men know when to just let it go.


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