Obsessed With Alencon Lace

Lately, I have been obsessed with Alencon lace. Monique Lhuillier really brought it back into vogue with some her dresses — Scarlet, Gardenia and other styles.

Part of me wants a simple, heavy silk dress with little embellishment. Another part of me dreams of a sleek alencon lace top over silk skirt, or a beautiful alencon overlay that gives the dress an incredible vintage look and feel.

The dress that I am loving right now is a simple ivory column dress — I’m thinking an alencon lace bolero (ML makes one that sells for around $1,200). My HTB would probably not thrill over that pricetag — and I’d prefer a longer honeymoon than a ML bolero, so perhaps custom is the way to go.

Maybe I’ll get over my love for alencon — but I doubt it.

UPDATE: Priscilla’s of Boston looks to have some cute lace boleros from Melissa Sweet, and Winnie Couture makes a great bolero called Zurii.

I still think I’ll go custom. You can buy the lace yourself at House of Fabric — the Alencon and Chantilly lace varies from about $49.95 – $120/yard, and most any seamstress could create a bolero with about 1.25 yard. It sure beats the $600+ price tag of some boleros.


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