What’s left after the wedding?

Tonight at dinner, we talked about the table runners, the table centerpieces and the format of the wedding day. We talked about colors, fonts and bands. We talked about invitation styles. We talked to the point where I, as usual, went catatonic on information overload.

The worst part is that it was all flowing out of her brain.

No notes. No telepromter. No computer. Just her, her brain and what I swear must have been auctioneer training.

Often I wonder what on earth we’ll talk about after we actually do tie the knot. I mean, she’s not a sports fan and I’m not into letterpress. We’re pretty much on the same page with music and if I talk about work outside of work I start to get nauseas.

So, help me out here. Do you even talk after you get married? Is it interesting? Please tell me that there’s a light at the end of this tunnel…


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