How to propose

There seem to be countless stories out there of how to propose.  So many, in fact, that I’m starting to get intimidated.  Honestly, a billboard?  An entire fricken’ billboard?  It’s almost getting to the point where I’m convinced that any idea I think of will be hopelessly inadequate.  I should be OK with that, since it’s been a theme of mine since we started dating.

I actually asked a friend of mine how he proposed to his (now) wife.  I can’t believe I did this.  Men don’t share Foldgers moments like that.  It’s against man code.  I don’t want to talk about romancing a woman with another man unless I’m trying to impress a woman.

Why did I do it?  It’s simple, I needed to be reminded that simple proposals do exist.  In fact, I needed to be reminded that MOST normal people have a very NORMAL proposal story.

So, don’t buy into the propoganda, men.  We’re in this together.  Don’t set the bar so high that no one else can live up to it.  It’s against man law.


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