Limitations On Reception Halls

Why oh why can’t all reception halls have the same rules?

In a perfect world, they’d be somewhat inexpensive, yet beautiful. That’s a negotiable though. Higher price? fine
Not-so-pretty? fine, as long as we can decorate

It turns out the hardest things about choosing a site are in the details.

Do you have to use their caterer or can you choose your own?
Do they charge cake cutting fees/corking fees?
Can you bring alcohol or must you hire a caterer to do so (and charge over $300/keg?)
Can you decorate?
Can you bring in rented chairs?
Can food be (partially) prepared on site?
Can you have candles?
Are there furniture items that must stay in the ballroom?
How many people are you allowed in the space? what happens if they guest list exceeds that number?
Do the bartender/caterers/band/off-duty officer count?
Is it handicapped accessible?
Is there a room where kids can escape the party and color/watch a movie?
What happens to the (substantial) deposit if you cancel?
Is there ample parking?
Are there hotels nearby?
Is there an area outside where guests can go to get some fresh air and/or smoke?
Is there air conditioning/heating? Do windows open?

The worst thing is, once you like a place, you discover all these little stipulations that can make or break your decision.

And — what happens if you discover something that is a deal breaker, after you’ve signed the contract. Sounds foolish, but it certainly happens.



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