Man’s Point Of View On Proposal

I stumbled upon this “Ask Men” article on how to propose. If you’re into extreme sports or OVERLY public displays of affection — and your girl likes to be the center of attention, even among strangers, these MIGHT be for you.

Their suggestions:
1. At the top of a mountain (after hiking up) or while scuba diving
2. Make a video and watch it with her (so disconnected!)
3. Going on a trip together? As the captain of the plane to announce it (Wedding Singer, without the sweetness)
4. Rent a billboard
5. Buy ad space at a movie theater — to be shown before the movie

C’mon — can’t be a little more intimate?

Sure, there’s “wow” potential, but I for one would rather the future groom spend that extra $3,000 on the ring, rather than a billboard or ad space.


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