Engagement Ring Shopping: Cartier

Cartier RingWe took a little trip down to Chicago last weekend, so my beloved could watch his Green Bay Packers get trounced by the Chicago Bears. It was a sad (and very cold) day for him.

We drove (!!!) down, and made sure to give ourselves enough time to relax, check into our hotel and hit Michigan Ave. for some prime shopping.

And then, we saw it… (cue angel choir) Cartier.

Of course we had to look!

The store was strangely a bit more inviting than Tiffany & Co., though Cartier certainly employed the same style of lighting as Tiffany, the kind that makes their diamonds sparkle and shine from yards away.

We sheilded our eyes as we made our way to what had to be the engagement and wedding ring case.

And, our hopes fell as our eyes fell onto the wares.


The rings were mostly classic, with a mix of micro pave rings thrown in for good measure. There was a better selection than at Tiffany & Co., yet nothing that really caught our eyes.

The rings were “nice” and I can understand why so many covet them — but there was nothing spectacular or original. Yes, they’ll retain value — but when pricing their rings… what you’d spend on a 1.25 carat at Cartier would get more than a 2 carat (possibly with sidestones) of equal quality.

But it is CARTIER — and I understand that. I can get purses at Target for $19.99, but I choose to spend more for Coach, Kate Spade and eventually that Zac Posen I’m eyeing up (and honey, if you’re reading this, I still want that Louis Vuitton bag).

After seeing their selection, I was crestfallen, but those sad feelings were washed away as GTB (the Groom To Be) whisked me away to a fantastic dinner at Aigre Doux on Kinsey Street. Suddenly, Cartier was but a sad, distant memory.


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