Size Does Matter (2)

I don’t think I ask for too much in a ring. Here’s my short list:

The stones:
No baguettes
No funky shapes
Center stone: 1 ct+
No pave or micro-pave
No visible-to-the-naked-eye inclusions
Something that sparkles from across the room (lol – every girl’s subconscious wish)
More than one diamond — three or five would be nice
Different sizes and heights — I’d like the center stone to be a different size from the sidestones

The Band:
Nothing too plain
Nothing too ornate
A band that is not too thin
A band that is not too thick
No built in channels or grooves
A band that doesn’t taper as it gets closer to the stone

Is that too much to ask?

I had NO idea I was so particular, I thought I’d be thrilled with any old ring. Suddenly, I have become an “engagement ring Nazi.” Luckily my GTB has the same taste and the same stipulations as me.

I guess this ring will be an extension of “us” but I can’t help but feel that some people will find this off-putting.

Who knew there was so much to care about?


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