Lord Of The Engagement Ring

I feel like I’m learning new concepts in language, geology, and chemistry all at the same time. The trick, though, is that there’s only 1 test for all courses, it’s 100% of my grade and it’s pass/fail. In preparation, I learned the 4 C’s rather quickly and thought, “self, you’ve done well.” I thought that all the way up until the first store.

At the first store I learned there are certifications for diamonds. As if that wasn’t enough, there are 4 of them, GIA, IGI, AGS, and EGL.

There are 58 or 59 facets on a round cut. You should look into that. Oh, but there could be 129 facets. (Star 129, remember?)

There are multiple styles of settings. One could go with a cathedral, prong, v-prong, tension, bezel, bar, pave (don’t even get me started on the pronunciation), channel, trellis, classic, or contour. There are multiple types of trellis settings.

Platinum is the heaviest. White gold is coated with something called “Rhodium.” Yellow gold isn’t on our short list.

Most rings are displayed with a fake diamond, but some have the actual diamonds. Some have just the setting.

Any band can be customized to meet your requirements.

“What was that you asked? Price? Well, the pricing scale is complex, but we can hammer through that after getting an idea for what fits you.”

Every time she slips on a ring and does the admiration pose, I feel my head start to spin.  I can’t help but feel that the whole thing is an elaborate scheme to make me give up and spend a fortune.

The worst part is that it will probably work.


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